junca is written as "純化" in Japanese.

It means to bring back everything to its rightful and purest state. ."Junca is always in pursuit of real and authentic beauty, constantly evolving as time goes by."

We always believe that real beauty is not solely on the way you look but more so about the way you feel, live and look at life. Natural beauty as we defined it.

Our belief is that beauty encompasses physical outlook and attributes.

Our pursuit of beauty lies with the conviction that beauty equals peace.

"Junca's first beauty project was about looking beautiful. We started with the vision of empowering women to make this world a fair one.

In 2006 junca represented Japan at the World Style Contest in Amsterdam.

In 2009, junca founded juncaGroup in Japan and started running its own beauty salon.

In 2013, we started to operate beauty salons in the Philippines.

junca now has nearly 40 employees and we have 4 branches in Manila. junca is planning to open 100 new branches in the upcoming years.

junca's brand strength is built on quality. The world's top beauty pageant winners and Filipino celebrities are among the clients who visit our salons.

We have solid trust in junca's beauty products, as they have been widely featured on national television and even published in newspapers.

junca has won the award for the best company in the Philippines for 4 consecutive years.

Our CEO, Mr. Nagatome, has been awarded as an outstanding manager and junca has been recognized as a leading beauty company in the world.

From 2019, we have been also recognized by many international awards and we have been invited to attend awards ceremonies from all over the world.

Bringing innovation to beauty, junca is now on its second step, of evolving the beauty industry even more.

"From beauty to social awareness, junca has evolved into contributing economic reforms in Asia which eventually will result to world peace"

We put a lot of efforts into making junca salon a success and in the process, we gained a lot of information and at the same time opened our eyes to problems besetting Asia, this we intend to address head-on.

As a result, we first built the junca platform.

The junca platform is a project that uses blockchain technology to solve various problems such as remittance, currency exchange, data management, and employment for the development of cross-border business.

The junca platform technology has been recognized by many international organizations Especially in the Philippines like the OFW management groups and business associations and we do intend to work together with them for the betterment of Asia as a whole.

The junca platform provides fintech and crypto services to enable domestic and overseas remittances, exchanges and payments at ATMs, cards, wallet services, etc., and realizes lower fees.

We are thinking this is going to be a big step toward enriching the lives of people in Asia, including the Philippines.

Among them, junca Cash was developed as a cryptocurrency to facilitate the ATM service of the junca platform.

It was listed in July 2020, and a project is underway to spread the market share in domestic and foreign.

The main users of junca Cash are OFWs with over 10 million people.

We are aiming for a 30% share of OFW's overseas remittances by 2023.

As we are aiming for economic development, the solution for the widespread poverty is within reach. No other way to solve it other than addressing its root cause. Hence, we intend to contribute in the education system as well as in the vacationing training of the people.

In view of this, the junca platform will introduce scholarship loans and charitable activities.

We already entered into partnership agreements with a OFW management group and a management company of the Golden Globe Awards, the most prestigious corporate award giving body in the Philippines, and all of this activities will be carried out in the soonest possible time.

junca salon is not just the usual business venture,

In recognition of its social contribution from an international perspective, junca was awarded with an International Cultural and Humanitarian Award by the Royal Family of Prince Higashikuninomiya of Japan.

junca has achieved an illustrious feat of being awarded being a leading company for four consecutive years, and was put in the limelight as an honorary award winner.

Based on the junca platform, preparations are underway to address the seemingly perennial problems in Asia and the rest of the world.

be 純化

Since its inception, the junca group has been actively working to solve these problems such as ending poverty, quality education,health and well-being, safe water and toilets, and so on.

We are working on junca Academy for education, junca Development for industry, and junca Life Management for a safer world.

These works are in line with the SDGs "Sustainable Development Goals" adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015.

Even though we are planning a lot of work in the future, we will start with the economic part first.

The junca platform evolves to support people to become richer. Our goal is to reach at least 30 percent of the population for remittances, payments, online shopping, and currency exchange.

Blockchain technology will eliminate the vast amount of middlemen and fraud.

Making everything transparent and equal will increase the motivation of people to work, As a result, we believe that the economy will develop.

The safe and delay-free junca platform blockchain will also be able to be used for donations.

As a fair donation method, we aim to make it a model case for future popularization.

In addition, part of the profits generated by the operation of junca platform will also be donated to charities.

Not just about the economy.

We will also work on a project to restore a pollution-free natural environment using the technology that decomposes soil and water pollution caused by biotechnology, which was invented in Japan.

These are the same goals set by the SDGs.

We are going to let it "純化" regardless of the field as necessary.


We first chose the beauty industry, which is not discriminated against by race or gender,

Currently, we are moving beyond the beauty industry and moving into the phase of activities in various fields.

In the past, people from the West came to Asia through the Philippines. This was due to its strategic location.

It was indeed a wise move which made a lot of sense. Later on, Westerners were able to go to other Asian countries.

junca's vision is to apply the same strategy to their business.

Learning from the method Westerners used centuries ago which is the reason why I chose to operate in the Philippines first.

From here, I will be able to help other Asian countries, and the whole world to evolve to a higher level of beauty.

Our pursuit of beauty will be complete when everything is pure and evolved.


Everything will be pure(純化)