Corporate Social Responsibility

Contribution for the society

We donate human hairs from our salon works. With our clients’ approvals who cut their long hairs to short styles, we donates their precious hairs to make wigs for medical purposes. If you agree with this activity and join for the hair donation, please let us know.

We organized, NPO JAPAN HAIR DONATION & CHARITY × junca japan and make activities.
For those women and children who lost their hair because of childhood cancer and leukemia, by congenital reasons and sudden accidents, we donate human hairs, and support them.

Contribution for environment

junca japan is tackling for improvement of environmental problems, together with our slogan”Harmony with Human, Nature, Feeling”.
To improve environment, we donate part of our benefits to the tree-planting program in the volcanic ash land in Philippines.
This is same as that we contribute for produce beautiful women. In the same way, we advocate “Be Beautiful, Increase Greens” activity.

Our organization is the 1st and only organization in Japan that accepts hair donation.
In Jan 2010, we visited villages on the mountains in Philippines, brought over a lot of clothes and stationeries for the children, and cut their hairs.
We will continue this donations and activities.
The aim of this activity is to make beauty academy school in Philippines in 2015, and instruct local people about latest beauty technology and provide them jobs. At the same time, to Japanese young generations, we offer the global language skills, communication skills, and mind, to assist them to succeed in the global world.