"To open up the Asian economy".
This is the objective of our parent company, junca Holdings.

junca life management Ltd. is a company that distributes products that are suitable for the global market.
We are confident that we can contribute to world peace and fairness.

The selection of products is limited to those that can relieve the burden and stress of the world.

※A part of the sales will be donated to the government so that we can contribute to the development of Southeast Asia.

  • H.I.S. Co., Ltd. and junca life management inc. signed a commodity transaction agreement on July 10, 2020 at the headquarters of H.I.S in Tokyo, Japan.

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    The agreement will make junca's products available for purchase at H.I.S. shops.

    Pictured from left to right are: Hisayuki Nagatome, Chairman,founder and CEO of junca Holdings
    Yoko Matsuda, President of junca life management inc.
    Mr. Hideo Sawada, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of HIS Co., Ltd.
    Mr. Akira Takeishi, President of CANAK Corporation.

  • We started to sell "Air-junca".

    Air-junca" is a disinfection, sterilization and disinfection product made in Japan, which has the features of strong disinfection, safety for human body, long-lasting effect, and no harmful by-products, and adopts "Takafuji-style stabilized chlorine dioxide" which is gentle for both infants and elderly people.

    Consultations for OEM are also available.

  • President of junca life management Co., Ltd.

    Profile of Yoko Matsuda

    She is an actress, singer-songwriter, and artist. She has overcome cervical cancer and depression, and as a public relations member of the UNHCR Association, contribute to various social activities such as support for refugees around the world and support for orphanages. Written: "Being alive is worth it" 2012 3rd edition Sunmark Publishing Movie: "Grandma all good" In the Milan International Film Festival double award-winning movie, she played the role of protagonist's mother.

    She has also appeared in corporate VP videos for Pfizer Inc., Daido Life Insurance Company, and other companies, and is active around the world using her English and Spanish language skills.

Corporate Information

Company name junca life management Co., Ltd.
Capital 8,880,000 yen
CEO Hisayuki Nagatome Yoko Matsuda
Business content product development・Distribution and various consulting services
Location Atlas building 603 1-5-10 Azabujuban Minato-ku Tokyo Japan 106-0045
TEL 03-5776-2601
Transaction financial institution Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Azabu Branch