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With the first-class Japanese state-of-the-art system, junca Salon can be a total beauty salon for all women.


We rely on our own philosophy which aims to make people healthy and beautiful.


We call it "JUNCALOGY"


As we have our own method and technology "junca system" which is the essence of a modern woman, we can prove how it works based on the science of healthy hair.


And everything going with the hair is about junca.


Now you can have "junca system" to make your life happy with your hair in a great condition!


As we care about your hair with love, we serve you with the new and high quality technologies from Japan.


Through our service, we aim to relieve all the women around the world from waorries about their hair.


And we can help you to explore the richness of beauty!


Question 1: Why do we exist? (Our Mission)

We stand by all the woman around the world as we aim to relieve them of worries about the synthetic beauty and to explore the richness of beauty, thus we assure them of the peace to come, this is junca mission.




Question 2: What is Junca?

Junca is a hair clinic that caters perfect and healthy treatment for your hair.

The word “junca” literally means “to purify”we believe that all women deserves to explore the richness of beauty, as we aim to satisfy you with our new technology and high-quality services. Junca aims to be a leading company in the beauty industry, aside from operating our own salons, we also conduct consultations for our clients for proper assessment.


Few facts about Junca Japan:

The owner of junca salon Mr. Hisayuki Nagatome, is one of the Top hairstylist in Japan, he established “junca” brand and started “junca concept salon”.

It was first established year 2013, it is designed to make all women elegant beautiful and healthy.




Question 3: What is “juncalogy”?

Junacalogy is designed for an ideal hair care which helps to improve and revive a hair condition without any chemical damage. This high-technology service comes up with three key essences *Hydrogen, *Platinum Nano-colloid technology, and *Original Junca Amino acid. We have exclusively developed this technology examined by a prominent institute in Japan.

And now, our services of “juncalogy“ are admired and used by Miss Universe Japan team, models and beauty professionals.

Based on our technology, we aim to create services of coloring and perming which protects the brain, the scalp, the skin and most especially the hair.




Question 4: What is “junca system”with high-technology?

You can take a look at the picture to see the difference and effectiveness of our service.

There is an obvious, certain change comparing before and after serving Hair coloring, Hydrogen treatment, and Cold frozen treatment on the hair.

This new technology is designed to maintain a hair condition of people nowadays who struggles against a stressful environment that we are surrounded by.


To set on Home Screen

1.  右上のメニューアイコンをタッチます。

Select the icon in the upper right.

2.  メニューの中から


Select "Add to Home Screen" from the menu.

3.  名前を確認(必要であれば編集)し、


Select "Add" in the upper right.

And rename as you want.

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