junca is written as "純化" in Japanese.It means to bring things back to their right and pure state.

"junca is always in pursuit of beauty and constantly evolving through awareness."

We believe that beauty is not only about the way you look, but also about the way you feel,
the way you live, the natural beauty, and the way you look at life.

We believe that beauty has multiple meanings like the ones mentioned above and
we are convinced that this way of thinking will lead to world peace.

We are pursuing beauty with the conviction that beauty = peace.

"junca's first beauty project was about looking beautiful. As a beauty company, we started with the idea that women themselves would make a fair world happen."

We toured all around Europe to discover the different techniques of hairstyling. In 2006 junca represented Japan at the World Style Contest in Amsterdam.

In 2009, junca founded juncaGroup in Japan and started running its own beauty salon.

In 2013, we started to operate beauty salons in the Philippines.

junca now has nearly 40 employees and we have 4 branches in Manila.

junca is planning to open 100 new branches in the upcoming years.

junca's brand strength is built on quality.The world's top beauty pageant winners and Filipino celebrities are among the clients who visit our salons.

We have solid trust in junca's beauty products, as they have been widely featured on national television and even published in newspapers.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Philippines is the number one country in the world for beauty pageants.

The Philippines is a country which has always produced beautiful women with a high success rate in beauty pageant.

junca is very involved in the beauty pageant industry and we are very proud to be a part of the back hair competition.

This is the reason why many beauty pageant winners visit our salon as clients. The salon has become a frequent destination for models and has certainly made a significant contribution to women's beauty.

junca has won the award for the best company in the Philippines for 3 consecutive years. Our CEO, Mr. Nagatome, has been awarded as an outstanding manager and junca has been recognized as a leading beauty company in the world.

From 2019, we have been also recognized by many international awards and we have been invited to attend awards ceremonies from all over the world.

Bringing innovation to beauty, junca is now on its second step, of evolving the beauty industry even more.

"From beauty to social business, based on the idea that contributing to the economic reform in Asia will lead to world peace."

From junca salon to juncaPlatform.

We put a lot of effort into the management of junca salon, and through this business, we were able to gain a lot of know-how about "how to do" business in Asia.

As an immediate task, we first developed our own platform for money transfer. We started to create a platform to solve the problems of data management transmission, employment etc. including the problem of remittance which is a big obstacle for cross-border business.

This platform is now called juncaPlatform.

The "juncaPlatform" will be the best way to solve the economic problems in Asia.

We are also developing several other businesses.

In order to develop juncasalon quickly, we have also started a construction business for our own construction.

juncaCafe, a coffee shop that serves environmentally friendly and healthy food is also in the pipeline, thanks to a partnership with an electric car manufacturer and improved jeepneys.

In addition to our business ventures, we also focus on charity work. junca is committed to social action and working towards world peace. In recognition of its social contribution from an international perspective, junca was awarded the International Cultural and Humanitarian Award by the Royal Family of Prince Higashikuninomiya of Japan.

We have signed a partnership agreement with a management company that has won the Golden Globe Award, the most prestigious corporate award in the Philippines.

At the awards ceremony, which is attended by some of the 1,500 leading and influential companies of the world each year, the promotion of the juncaPlatform will start. We have achieved the illustrious feat of being awarded as a leading company for four consecutive years and are in the limelight as an honorary award winner.

We have partnered with the Philippine government and OFW management to develop our own juncaPlatform to solve several problems, and we are preparing to address many issues in Asia.

Our quest for beauty will be complete when everything transforms right and pure.

SDGs is an abbreviation for Sustainable Development Goals. It was adopted at the UN Summit in September 2015 and is a set of goals that the 193 member countries of the United Nations have set out to achieve within 15 years from 2016 to 2030.

There are a variety of goals set out there. For example, ending poverty, reducing hunger to zero, health and well-being, quality education, safe water and toilets, and so on.

Besides industry, housing, energy, and the environment are also addressed.

Since its inception, the junca group has been actively working to solve these problems. We are working on junca Academy for education, junca Development for industry, and junca Life Management for a safer world.

We are ready for several major initiatives.

We will start with the economic part first. Nowadays, there are 110 million Filipinos in the world. If you look at Asia as a whole, there are many more people. Our goal is to reach at least 30 percent of the population for remittances, payments, online shopping, and currency exchange.

We believe that the evolution of currency values is also a necessary element in solving the problem of poverty. Blockchain technology will eliminate the vast amount of middlemen and fraud. We believe that making everything transparent will motivate people to work harder and develop the economy.

In addition to the business side, we have partnered with a charitable organization that will use junca Cash for donations on a secure and delay-free blockchain.

The donations will be used to solve global problems, including helping people in Asia, which junca continues to support.

By making donations on the blockchain, the history is visible and the amount of support is not consumed by the donation intermediary

As a fair donation method, we aim to make it a model case for future popularization. We also plan to donate a portion of the profits generated from the operation of junca Cash to charitable organizations.

We have a variety of advanced technologies and plans to implement them, including this blockchain technology.

Whether it is improving industrial polluted land and transporting it to farmland, or turning toilet waste back into drinking water in a day, SDGS is tackling environmental issues, poverty, racism, and many other things around the world, and making it beautiful and evolving in all areas.

It is the same thing as making things pure.

Our pursuit of beauty will be complete when everything is pure and evolved.

Everything will be 純化

OUR PHILOSOPHYVision and Mission

We junca came from Japan. Based on theme
" 結 - Musubi - To unite",
we are working to remove the fears of people
in the world and realize a peaceful world.

OUR CHALLENGEWe dwill continue to contribute to the world.

Open Asians economically

With the theme of "beauty", junca group will connect the world.

Creating and Expanding the platform of junca that makes the flow of people and things. We are junca group, our company is realizing the world where no worried people and peaceful.

We made effort on running of junca salon, thru this business, got many know how, what do we need to do in Asia.

Then, this business, junca Cash will be the most good way to solve Asia economic matters. We continue to tribute for Asian.

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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the successors to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) formulated in 2001 and are included in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015. They are the international goals for the period 2016-2030.

The consists of 17 goals and 169 targets which aim to achieve a sustainable world, along with pledges to leave no one behind.

The SDGs are universal, as they are not only for developing countries but also for developed countries as well.

The junca group company has been actively working on many of these issues since its establishment, and will continue to work towards achieving them working on the junca academy for Education, junca Development for Industry and junca Life Management for a Safe World.

OUR BRANDS Unleash the power of all the people.

junca salon and beauty label is a hair clinic that caters perfect and healthy treatment for your delicate hair too !Experience "junca System" with high technology through our, ultimate indulgent hair experience package.

RECORD Of AWARDSJUNCA GROUP ( Salon & Beauty Services )

  • 2016

    Golden Services Excellence Award.

    Outstanding Customer Services Excellence for Innovative Hair Salon.

  • 2017

    2016-2017 Philippines Award for Customer Services ExcellenceOutstanding Customer Services Excellence for Innovation Hair Salon.

    2017 Global Award for Marketing and Business ExcellenceBest Innovative Hair & Beauty Salon.

  • 2018

    World Class Philippines 2018 BEST BOOTH AWARD.

    31st Global Excellence 2018 Award.




  • 2019

    Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business ExcellenceHall of Fame is presented to junca Salon Group.

    World Class Excellence 2019 AwardeeOutstanding World-Class Hair & Beauty Lifestyle Salon.


Since we were operating in Japan, we have focused on the Charity activities including hair donation.

And when we came to the Philippines, we saw that there were people suffering from various problems here.

Our new financial business, including junca Cash, solves this. We can provide a quick payment infrastructure for foreign workers and a sound remittance infrastructure for donations.

We also donate part of our business profits.

Human Resource development

The easiest way to save the poverty is a donation.

However, with a long-term impact in mind, we will set up junca Beauty Academy as a business.

First, we focused on the great potential of local human resources in the Philippines. We can produce world-class human resources in the beauty industry from Asia.

It creates stable employment including their surroundings, so we will try to solve the poverty and education problems in the Philippines through this academy.

In addition, the activity over the years has been successful, and the salons ran by them have

received numerous awards in technology and services.


Dr.hisayuki nagatome Dr.hisayuki nagatome Dr.hisayuki nagatome

junca Group Company - Chief Executive Officer

International Police Commission B,General Special envoy to Asia Pacific
Doctor of humanityArt Director / Consultant / Hair Master

He advocated the concept of beauty called "Be Right and Honest" - junca. Lead the world to Be Right and Honest.

Managing a wide range of businesses such as beauty, finance and technology centering on social contribution,

and also supporting Japanese companies overseas expansion.

At the age of 18, he focused on the beauty industry without discrimination by race or gender and began his career as a top cosmetologist. He moved to England in 2002 and joined London's "VIDAL SASSOON". After taking charge of backing stage hair for the Paris Collection "Jhon Galliano" in 2005, he will make his first Japanese appearance as a representative of Asia at the "World Style Contest" held in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) in 2006.

He has a deep relationship with other industry creators such as musicians and models, and also produces images. After 2002, he traveled around Europe to see salons and beauty sites in Italy, etc., as well as domestic salon work. He is also greatly influenced by the many exchanges with Mr. Tim Hartley.

Established "junca Japan Inc." based on abundant overseas experience. Joined Tokyo Stage Collection with backstage hair. Became a producer of the 2011 event "kisetsu" producer. Started educational activities in China through love calls from China. He was invited as a guest at hair shows etc with more than 1000 participants. His place of activity is expanding further. He is the manager of the 2012 Miss Universe Japan Kyushu Final hair and makeup team and the finalist education program "Beauty Camp". Starting from this, offers from various Miscon continue every year.

He also works with major manufacturer branding and marketing consultants on request. Based in overseas since 2012, he focused on the global expansion of junca salon. With the aim of hiring local human resources in the Philippines and aiming to produce top hairdressers from Asia, he also focus on human resource education overseas.

Appointed as Japan's goodwill ambassador as Lt. Cornel from the International Police Commission in 2017. 2018 Contributing to the Philippines and the international community is recognized, honored degree from the University of Oklahoma, Doctor of Humanities awarded. Appointed Director of UN world peace association.

Launched the junca Cash, a cryptocurrency business that could be a direct solution to local problems in the ASIA, especially foreign workers and poverty. Philippine government agencies and others have also drawn attention to this business trends.

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